Getting familiar with 3D Printing and Technology

3D Printing is one of those technologies that some people LOVE and some people who for whatever reason don’t really care about having this new technology in their lives. But how do we get people to be more familiar with this new technology? One way was taken by a German company who put 3D scanners and printers into a mall, so that you can have a 3D printed version of yourself. I tweeted a link to the article yesterday.

Screenshot 2014-11-11 12.23.38Would this make you a bit more familiar with 3D technology? Other options might include  highlighting the ways we use 3D technology.

– 3D ultrasounds –
– 3D scanning in plastic surgery and reconstruction –
– 3D Augmented Reality –

Augmented Reality allows us to incorporate 3D data into our lives, via drawing lines on maps, allowing us to put 3D models of furniture into our homes to see how they would fit, or even allowing clothes to be superimposed onto ourselves to see if they would suit us. More about Augmented Reality.

My project is about putting 3D printers in schools, which is essentially another avenue that can be used to introduce students and teachers to this new technology. Introducing them to 3D printers in primary school will mean when they start working with them in high school, they will be tools that they worked with earlier in their lives. My hope is that they will be engaging tools, that will allow students to construct, design, and modify objects within a 3D space. Imagine what they will be able to do when using 3D technology is no different to using tools on the internet. I am looking forward to what they can do.

What made you interested in 3D printing?