@Pozible Success!

You might have joined this blog because of the Pozible campaign I’ve been running over the last 6 weeks. Well, it’s been hard work in that time, getting my name out there to newspapers, doing radio interviews, podcasts, giving public presentations, writing this blog and being emailing people I don’t know for support, shares and re-tweeting.

BUT at the end of all that, we have ACHIEVED SUCCESS!

I had a lot of support from friends, family and colleagues at Deakin University and lovely people who contacted me from twitter and from newspaper articles (and this blog!). Together we managed to raise $8000 for the project which means we should be able to get 3 printers on this project.

We also received support from Xtreme Technology in Geelong, who are keen to help us get more printers down the track and do some great events and competitions with their locals in Geelong, Victoria.

I will continue to use this blog as the mouthpiece of the project, so you can see what we’re doing with the money raised and to communicate the progress of 3D printers in primary schools in 2015 and beyond!

Thanks for your support!

George wanted to give everyone two thumbs up for their support.

George wanted to give everyone two thumbs up for their support.


Week 1: 3D Printing and Education Pozible

If you’ve been on this page for a little bit, you might be wondering why I’m promoting 3D printers.

Well, I am running a crowdfunding Pozible campaign: http://www.pozible.com/3dthefuture

I’m very much interested in getting 3D printers intro primary schools (elementary schools in the US) and giving teachers the opportunity to use 3D printers in the teaching of science.

It’s been a week already and I’m about 20% of the way to achieving the $5000 I need to get two 3D printers for this project. I’ve been emailing, twittering and speaking to people in that time, drumming up for support for what many people I’ve spoken to have called

“A FANTASTIC project”

Of course, we’ve got a long way to go, so if you can spread the word around, with teachers, parents, techno-philes and students, I’d be greatly in your debt. If you can support the campaign in $$ that’s awesome, but if you can support it in some other way, that’s awesome as well 🙂

Here’s my video for the Pozible campaign, in case you missed it.


3D Printing the Future Pozible Campaign Begins! #3DprintingED @Pozible @Deakin

Well, today is the beginning of the 3D Printing the Future Pozible Campaign. I had thought about doing it somewhat dreamily for the last 6 months or so, but never thought I would do it. But with the support of Deakin University, I’ve been able to put together a short video which outlines the project below.

The link to the campaign is here: http://www.pozible.com/3dthefuture

The campaign continues until December the 5th and we aim to raise $5000 to put 3D printers into a classroom in Victoria. The more money we raise, the more printers we can put into more schools. Each school gets to keep their printer at the end of the project.

$5000 will allow us to buy:
– 2x 3D printers
– provide tech support
– provide enough printing materials for two terms of school.

We’ve already raised some money this morning and gotten lots of retweets on twitter and shares on facebook 🙂 We’ve also had meetings with Thinglab, who are going to provide us with Makerbot 3D printers for the project. I will write more about Thinglab soon. In the meantime, you can check them out at http://www.thinglab.com.au