3D Printing Presentation at @embiggenbooks

Last night I gave a free presentation about 3D printing for the public at my favourite bookshop, Embiggen Books in Melbourne. I thought it was a great night with good turnout of people who were interested in 3D printing, some who were teachers looking at what I was wanting to do with Education, others from Scienceworks, interested in discussing how 3D printers could be uniquely used compared to other technology.

There were three presenters last night.

Joe Farr the general manager from Thinglab started the conversation about 3D printing by laying down the groundwork.
George Aranda (me) talked about the theoretical background I have come from with wanting to use 3D printing to work with representations that students can develop in the classroom. I also gave examples of programs using 3D printing that I have blogged about before and also some examples of classrooms in Australia already using 3D printing.
Cathal O’Connell from University of Melbourne talked about the book 3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts of Bodies he was co-author on. He gave some great insights into how 3D printing can be used by surgeons to help wounds heal faster and how they can be used in reconstructive techniques.

During the night we also had a 3D printer printing out an ear which prompted some discussion during a break in the night. Overall, a great night.

g and the printer


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