Book: 3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts of Bodies

3dbioprintingI had the good fortune of going to an opening event for a new ebook, 3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies that was published by Gordon G Wallace, Rhys Cornock, Cathal D O’Connell, Stephen Beirne, Susan Dodds and Frederic Gilbert from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) in Melbourne.

The book is both an introduction into 3D printing and a guide as to what can be done with 3D printing for body parts and objects for reconstructive surgery. The authors talked about their book and their recent work in using cells as the printing material and even about making a 3D pen that could print out cells in a way that surgeons could use more precisely. Amazing stuff.

Opening Event


  1. Putting Stuff in the Body: Biomaterials, Bionics and Tissue Engineering
  2. Materials and Machinery for 3D Printing
  3. The Story So Far – Case Studies of 3D Bioprinting
  4. Printing Bits for Bodies
  5. Ethics, Policy and Social Engagement
  6. The Future

At 60 pages, the book is quite short, but as an ebook it has parts of the book that are interactive, which really makes the material come to life. It’s inexpensive, so make sure you follow the link and check it out 🙂

I am running an FREE event on the 24th of November in Melbourne at Embiggen Books where some of the authors will be talking about this new book, their work in 3D bioprinting and the future of 3D printers.


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